Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 sweater: forever 21.
dress: charlotte russe.
tights: hue.
boots: forever 21.

I found today's outfit rather quirky. But everyone needs a little quirk in their life every once and a while!

Tomorrow is December, I can't believe it! Where has the year gone? This year has seriously flown by, and I'm rather sad to see 2011 quickly come to an end. This year has been rather good to me, but it's not over yet! I will live up the last month of the year to the best of my abilities! 
December also means Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of the year - I love the festiveness that it brings to everything. Since I'm super behind on part 2 of my "fall fashion wishlist", I might have to change it to my "Christmas list"!

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

shirt: thrifted.
skirt: pacsun. (borrowed from my sister)
shoes: bakers.
earrings: forever 21.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
It's so good to be back home and spend some quality time with my family and eat more food than I should. Today reminded me that we shouldn't take the things that we have in life for granted. We always search for greater things and reach for higher beings, but we should remember what we have right here in front of us. There's nothing wrong with searching for greater things, just remember to be thankful for what you already have.

Today also reminded me why I love autumn so much! Autumn colors are so beautiful. I got inspired when I saw my sister's mustard yellow pencil skirt, and she was nice enough to let me borrow it! The Baker's shoes I wore today were such a good deal! I received a coupon for 20% off and got them the same weekend Baker's was having free shipping on all shoes. I couldn't turn down a deal for a hot pair of shoes like these!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Show me what you wore for the holiday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fellow fashion lover: tai.

Thank you so much to Tai for being the first featured fellow fashion lover on my blog! I've been dying to interview him, but I had to wait until I got back home to Roanoke. Tai is one of the most fashionable people I know, and I had to share his style with all of you! I've always admired his attention to details and use of color. I asked him a few questions and if you are sensitive to profanity, please excuse his language...

Name: Tai Normand

Age: 17

Top 3 favorite brands: Zara, J. Crew, and Ralph Lauren (or as he called it "Polo Dolo Head-to-Toe-lo Swag")

Favorite/go-to article of clothing: Cheap Monday dark denim jeans.

Favorite fall trend: V-neck sweaters.

What inspires your style and the way you dress?: The shitty ass way other people dress.

Best fashion advice?: Slim the goddamn clothes down.

Hope you enjoyed Tai's interview and his style!

Monday, November 21, 2011

i'm coming home.

 shirt + boots: h&m.
pants: gap.
cardigan: forever 21.

Is it possible to have too much fun with color? I just love the colorblocking trend...
I got these amazing burgundy skinny corduroys when I went on that huge shopping spree a few weeks ago. I am absolutely in love with them. The color is fantastic, and they are so damn comfortable! They were quite a splurge, but I couldn't walk out of the Gap store without them.

I'm going home today for Thanksgiving break, and I am so excited to go home! I love the city and I love school, but I am so ready to see my family and friends. I packed a huge suitcase of clothes for the week, and people might say that I'm over packing but I just can't go anywhere without a lot of clothes. I am so indecisive about outfits that I have to bring numerous options to choose from. I'll have an idea of what I'd like to wear, but then I'll change my mind later. But that's how I come up with some of my best outfits, so I won't complain.

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 11, 2011

eleven. eleven. eleven.

shirt: thrifted.
shorts: forever 21.
shoes: h&m.
earrings: forever 21.

I bought these new ankle boots this past weekend when I had a crazy craving to go shopping. They are my new favorite shoes ever. They're so comfortable!

The weather was a little chillier today, so I went with some tights and put my summer shorts to good use. I have such a weakness of paisley, and I love this shirt. I try so hard not to wear it all the time!

So today is 11-11-11. The day to make your ultimate wish! Don't forget! I hope all your wishes come true!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i'm back!

blazer: thrifted.
shirt: forever21.
shorts: a small boutique in nyc.
socks: target.
shoes: journey's.
necklace: forever21.

I apologize for being M.I.A. for the past forever. I had some personal issues that I spent so much of my time and energy dealing with it that I haven't had time or energy to blog. And it really upset me because I just began my fashion blogging! But I am back! I have all my priorities straight, and my blogging will be back to the way it should be.

Fall is finally here in RVA, but it's still being bipolar! The high all week is around 70, so I'm getting a little frustrated...but the outfit I wore today is something for those weird fall weather kind of days. Last summer when I lived in NYC for 6 weeks for a dance program, I did too much a lot of shopping. And we ended up around a long line of boutiques with totally chic clothes for amazing prices. I was in heaven. And I got these amazing shorts at one of those stores. One of my favorite purchases ever.

I'm sorry that I'm still photographing with my camera phone. I'm going to try and steal back my camera from back home when I go back for Thanksgiving.

Sorry again for being gone for so long! I hope you will still stick around with me!
And stay tuned for another vlog from me and Breck coming out next week!