Tuesday, October 18, 2011

breck and bria's fashion vlog!


Here is the big surprise project that Breck and I have started together! A fashion vlog where we will talk all about fashion.

I will put a link up to our channel on the side, and please please please leave us comments about questions/advice/suggestions of what we should talk about on our next video! We want to try and get a video out to you guys weekly! So to make that happen, let us know what you guys want to see!
Hope you guys enjoyed our intro video!

Monday, October 10, 2011

birthdays call for sparkly leggings.

sweater: unknown.
shirt: h&m.
sparkle leggings: jcpenny.
boots: belk.
earrings + necklace: forever 21.

Happy birthday to me! I'm finally eighteen! (It's a big deal when you're in college and surrounded by people that are legal adults except you)
I don't have many plans for today since it's a school day, but I will be getting my bellybutton pierced tonight! I've been wanting it done for a while, and now I'm old enough to get it by myself. Tattoos are definitely next on the list, but I'm going to hold off on those for another week or two.
I thought these sparkly leggings were very fitting of my big birthday. This Richmond weather is really starting to piss me off because it can't seem to make up its mind...


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

colorblocking + coffee.

 sunglasses: h&m.
shirt: zara.
vest: charlotte russe.
sweater: forever 21.
skirt: mango.
socks: forever 21.
shoes: journey's.
photo cred.

I went color crazy today and tried out the colorblocking trend that has been popular since the spring. I always complained about not having a colorblocked dress or shoes or something, but then I realized that I could always color block with individual pieces! I'm pretty satisfied with this outfit. What do you guys think?

I wore this outfit out today to go to coffee with Breck of BreckenridgeClare.com! She did another feature on me as an up and coming fashion blogger! I love meeting up with Breck; it's always nice talking about fashion with someone that actually enjoys/goes crazy over it too. And not to mention, she takes pictures of my outfit with an actual camera! We discussed a project we're going to work on, so make sure to keep and eye out and stay tuned to both of our blogs for it!

Part 2 of my fall fashion wishlist will be coming up soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

fall fashion wishlist part one.

At the beginning of every season, I think about the articles and pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe for the season. I think about the current trends as well as versatility. Fall has certainly begun, and I have been thinking about what I really need want this season.

So in honor of the beginning of October and the change in weather, here is part one of my fall fashion wishlist!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

All avid fashion blog readers should have noticed that the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot has been seen in a lot more street style looks, and I am dying to get a pair. I've seen them on model Audrey Kitching for a while wondering if they would ever catch on, and they sure enough did! I love heels to begin with, but I love how they can turn any outfit into something really high fashion and chic. I'm the type of person to throw a pair of heels on to just make a run to the grocery store, and if I had a pair of these I would wear them to the grocery store all the time - my go-to shoe. 
The huge platform and chunky heel has got to make them easier to walk in too. I've read on other style blogs that they're actually quite comfortable. I really love all the colors and patterns that they come in, but it makes it a lot harder to choose which on I like the best! They are quite the investment ($150-$200), but I am definitely going to try and get a pair within the next couple months or so!

Trench Coat
As I said before, I love layering. It's an easy way to add dimension to a simple outfit. I love the trench because it is a stylish layering piece that adds dynamic. Also, there are many different styles that are available for trench coats. The double breasted look is really in this year, and I've always loved the military look. I really want one for the bi-polar weather here in Richmond!

Chino Pants

I really want some nice pants to wear this fall and winter. All my pants are jeans, and I would really like to have some nice chinos to wear. What I love about chinos is that they give an outfit a classy professional look so effortlessly. Even if I was feeling lazy or totally blanking out on a good outfit idea (you know we all have those days), I could throw on some chinos and look like I put a lot of effort and thought into the whole look. Effortless. My biggest problem with pants is that my legs are super short (I am only 5'3", wahhh). So I have to find pants that will flatter my petite stature and still achieve the look that I'm going for.

Maxi Skirt
maxi skirts

I've read in several fashion magazines that maxi dresses/skirts aren't meant for petite girls. But I honestly beg to differ. I own two maxi dresses, and they're among my favorite things to wear during the spring and summer. With the season change, the maxi skirt is perfect for achieving the same elegant look for the colder weather. I really want a pleated or sheer one that I could pair with a mini skirt underneath or some stockings to layer up even more. Another fun piece for the weather transition.

Long Sleeve Shirts + Button-Ups
button ups and longsleeves

I guess you've noticed that I want to be a little more dressier. I honestly believe that it isn't that hard to get nicely dressed up for the day, but people don't. I know I have my days where I seriously have no idea what to wear, but I still try hard to look my best. For example, I have an 8am. Definitely not the easiest thing to look super cute at 7am. But I still try! Anyway, back to these tops...I need more button-up shirts to layer up underneath my many sweaters. And not to mention that androgyny is back in for this fall/winter. So I definitely need to stock up on the menswear starting with more button-ups!


I love accessories. However, the main accessory I obsess over is a pair of earrings. I drool over earrings, but I really need to start wearing more necklaces and bracelets. I really like pendant necklaces, in particular. The layering trend for fall just doesn't have to go for sweaters and shirts, it can go with necklaces too! I want to get more necklaces to experiment with layering several of them to add even more depth to a simple outfit.

That's the end of part one of my fall fashion wishlist! I hope you enjoyed it and got an idea of my style. This is only part one! Keep checking back for part two to be coming soon! Thanks!