Thursday, September 29, 2011

where are you, fall?

 shirt: unknown.
jeggings: unknown.
boots: forever 21.
necklace: forever 21.

It's practically October, and people are still wearing shorts. Does anyone else think there's something wrong with that? I'm ready to make use of my huge scarf and sweater collection! It was definitely nice to see the sun out today after the rain. But still the temperature is still too hot for the fall that I remember. I am so ready for the smell of the air that I always associate with fall!

On a side note, I really need to take better pictures of my looks. Currently I am using my phone's camera with self timer on top of my microwave (so the angle makes my legs look even shorter!). I need friends with cameras, so I can take pictures in places other than in front of my dorm wardrobe....
Also, I really need to start remembering where I buy my clothes. I feel so dumb putting up "unknown" for half of the things in my outfit. I will try my best to either remember where I get the clothes from or just buy new clothes so it's easier to remember. I'm thinking the latter ;)

Speaking of shopping, my birthday is coming up. And my family is coming into town the weekend after, and I am sad to say that my mom still pays for pretty much all my clothes. I feel terrible, but how else am I supposed to pay for them right now? Poor college kid...but I am looking for a lot of versatile basics that I can wear this fall. I am currently working on my fall fashion wishlist, and I will post it up for all of you to check out!

Can't wait to really get this blog rolling. Thanks for reading and sticking around while I get my feet on the ground!

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